Sunday, February 5, 2012

Orange and Blue abstracts

I did these two abstracts the other night.  They are acrylic thinned way down with water then splashed onto the canvas and allowed to flow and drip in different directions.  I splashed and dripped the blues then painted the orange inside the spaces created by the drips. This was done on un-primed plywood which gives a very interesting effect.  The paint soaks into the wood and the edges of the wet paint/water mixture dry darker.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I painted this large painting  with acrylics and sold it to raise money for The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.


This was an experiment with acrylic, watercolor crayons, and soft pastels.  Approx 48" X 40"
SOLD 3-16-2012


Abstract - Acrylic on canvas.  This was allot of fun to paint. I like to experiment with color and texture, dripping and smudging.

Cat Tail Pond

Abstract acrylic on canvas painted in 2009 to hang in lobby of Willow Wood Assisted Living.  Approximately 48" X 40"


SOLD  August 2012
These are two whimsical paintings I really enjoyed painting.  The one on top is 3 bees/wasps flying toward the hive.  The one below is blackbirds swarming.  I used to love to watch the redwing blackbirds swarm and swirl into all kinds of shapes in the winter sky. Their migration patterns must have changed because I rarely see them anymore.

Bottle on a Table

I painted this with oils in 1972 at Valdosta State College in Valdosta, GA.  My art  professor, Joe Pember, liked it and it gave me the confidence to continue painting.

Spanish Fruit

Acrylic on Board. SOLD

Lillies and a Bowl of Flowers

Studies with acrylic on board. The bowl of flowers is painted on the very textured back of a piece of masonite.

Jacks Abstract

My 9 year old grandson helped with this abstract done with acrylic on board.   SOLD


Acrylic on board.  These are paintings of burned trees.



Acrylic on board


Little River

The Little river is the northern boundary of our property.  It is a beautiful and peaceful place.


Late Summer Swamp

I like the colors in these .SOLD


Acrylic on board

Macon County

We have been spending allot of time in Highlands, NC. This is a study of the mountains there.


I rarely paint this type subject but I saw an antique painting similar to this at the Bascom in Highlands, NC and it was so beautiful I thought I would try to paint something like it.SOLD
When I was a child I was fascinated by birds nest much to the dismay of the mother birds.  I was not able to overcome my curiosity and I would look into the nests at the eggs and baby birds too often.  nests are still intriguing to me.  SOLD



This painting was done with a pallet knofe and by scratching through paint before it dried.SOLD

Baby Bird

This was done with soft pastels.  I have just recently discovered how pastels can enhance and acrylic painting and how many textural effects can be created with pastels.


This was fun to paint and experiment with color.


You may have noticed that I like green and blue.  I enjoy putting paint on a canvas and watching the contrasts as more color is added.SOLD

Blue and Green

Mira Lehr had some of her paintings on exhibit at the Bascom Art Gallery in Highlands, NC.  She does some great Multimedia.  Looking at her work made me want to try something different. This was the result.  SOLD

Jenny's Vase

I was commissioned to paint this for a friend who made a very generous donation to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.
It is acrylic and soft pastel on board, approximately 60" X 36".  She saw a picture in a magazine and wanted something similar.  It was allot of fun to paint because of all the free brush strokes and multiple colors.
The FDA just approved a new drug to help  people with Cystic Fibrosis! Thank God we are one step closer to The Cure.