Sunday, December 16, 2012

Herons for Suzanne   Acrylic and Pastel on Board
Birds  Acrylic on Board
Three Moons  Acrylic
Sad Cow   Acrylic on Board
Chickadee   Pastel on Board
"Oh"  Acrylic on Board
Eleven Oh   Acrylic on Board
Stampede  Acrylic on Board
Happy Clouds  Acrylic  24x36
"Paint"  Acrylic on Canvas  48x48
Water Lillies  Acrylic on Canvas  30x40
Acrylic on Board
First Frost  Acrylic on Board  24x36
Tropical Fruit    Pastel on Board  12x36
Rouge  24x24  Acrylic on canvas
Somethings Coming 60x48  Acrylic on Canvas   December 2012

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Orange and Blue abstracts

I did these two abstracts the other night.  They are acrylic thinned way down with water then splashed onto the canvas and allowed to flow and drip in different directions.  I splashed and dripped the blues then painted the orange inside the spaces created by the drips. This was done on un-primed plywood which gives a very interesting effect.  The paint soaks into the wood and the edges of the wet paint/water mixture dry darker.