Tuesday, January 31, 2012

George Inness Painting

I love George Inness's work. I use his work as inspiration in the things I paint.


This is acrylic on board 32" X 48". 

Rushing Waters

Acrylic ob Board - SOLD

Summer Flowers

Acrylic on board.  I went in a very different direction with this painting. Just experimenting with color.


Acrylic thinned with water and soft pastels.                                   SOLD

Monday, January 30, 2012

Foggy Blue

Close-ups of a large work in progress.  7'8"X3'8"   Acrylic and soft pastel on board.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Tryptic in Progress

This a large tryptic done on 3 doors.  I did the top painting but was not satisfied with it.  I painted out the large crooked tree in the middle and tried to acheive a glowing effect like early morning sunlight.  This is a commissioned painting and I'm not sure it is what the patron has in mind.  I might end up making it more abstract.

Abstract in Yellow, Blue, and Grey

I worked on this painting for a while and was not satisfied with it.  I quickly scumbled a light grey over what I had done and it made it pop.  I love being surprised by abstracts.

Sally's Turkeys

This is a section of an 8 ft X 3 1/2 ft painting I did to go over my daughter Sally's mantle.  Acrylic and soft pastels on board

Early Spring Homestead with Old Pecan Tree

I had worked on this painting for several hours and was unhappy with it so I started scrubbing semi dry white and yellow paint over allot of the detailed sections.  That gave the painting a misty look like early morning sunlight.  The bare pecan tree and old farm sheds reminds me of some of Donald Pettigrew's subject matter.

George Innes Study and My Original

The painting on bottom is a study of a George Inness painting.  The one on top is from my imagination.  Both are acrylic on board approx 48" X 40"

Burning Pines

This is another study of a painting by George Inness.  Reminds me of  South Georgia pines being burned off in late winter.  Acrylic on plywood.  Approx 48" X 40"

Nocturnal Scenes

These were painted as a pair.  I got the idea for the one on the left from a painting by George Inness then painted the one on the right just from my imagination.  I like the intense blues contrasting with the dark browns and blacks.

Horsing Around

This is acrylic thinned to a watery consistency.  I let paint drip down canvas from all four sides of canvas then painted inside the spaces made by the drips.  Approx 48" X 40"

Wild Turkeys

This my 3rd painting of turkeys. Acrylic on board.  Approximately 48" by 40"


I painted this abstract of nests in 2011 to put in auction to benefit the Cystic Fibrosis foundation. It is acrylic on plywood and is about 48" by 30". I was just experimenting with color and wet on wet technique.  I couldn't decide if these were swallow nests or dirt dobber nests so I just called it nests.

Sally's Grapefruit

I painted this in 1996 on the eve of my daughter's wedding.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Spring Time in Brooks County, GA

These are photos taken on our farm in Brooks County, GA that may be inspiration for paintings in the near future.

Indian Trail Road

I am about to start a painting using this photo of Indian Trail Road on our farm as the inspiration